Schweinsteiger might leave Bayern Munich

This comes as somewhat bad news for many, but unfortunately the reality is that Bayern Munich's midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger may be leaving the club for greener pastures (pfft, greener? We don't think so!) when his contract with BM expires, something that is coming up relatively soon.

It's a shame, given that Bayern has actually given Schweinsteiger much of his training and development opportunities since he has taken up the mantle of top-ranking footballer, having come out of Bayern's own youth academy.

Surely it's a dream day-job of anyone whether they're a top player or a footballer in the making themselves. However, this hasn't been enough to keep the player at the club who gave him so much.

"My contract with Bayern Munich runs until June 2016. I signed it with the intention to fulfil it. I can imagine all kinds of things after that. You cannot rule anything out in football."

This is true - football is very fluid when it comes to where you may find yourself playing, and if he needs to take some years away at different clubs in order to hone his skills before making a return to Bayern for the rest of his career, then that's for the best. Even if he doesn't, it's good to know that a desirable player out there on the market is due to Bayern's stellar training and support of its youth team.

However, he is also now 28 years old and it's arguable that he has moved into the middle stage of his career, so whether he will return for its twilight years is yet to be seen. With over 400 appearances on behalf of Bayern, he is deep into a prolific career and remains a strong supporting player both for those in defence and at the front of the old 4-4-2. So from all fans at Bayern Munich, don't forget us completely - we'd be all too happy to see you back!

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