Rummenigge not happy with Louis Van Gaal

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the president of Bayern Munich, does not think that Louis Van Gaal is as good a coach as Pep Guardiola.

Van Gaal had been in charge of Bayern Munich for a couple of seasons and If Rummenigge is to be believed, he was kind of bullish in that period.

Van Gaal, however, had a lot of results to show in his very first season in charge. Not only did he guide the Bavarians to the Premiership title, but, also, to the Cup glory.

He could have completed the treble if not for that loss against Internazionale in European Cup final.

In the following season though, Van Gaal could not match up those standards. Bayern lost games to the rivals and almost got out of the title race when the club board eventually decided to get rid of the Dutch coach.

But, according to Rummenigge, it was Van Gaal’s attitude which was the problem more than anything else.

Speaking in a television programme, the former Germany player said, “It was very difficult to handle Van Gaal. He is an egoistic person. He wanted everything to happen his way.”

“The current manager that we have got here, Pep Guardiola, he is fantastic guy, does his job as a professional and never tries to impose himself on people and he is also having a lot of success you can see that.”

“Pep too comes with unconventional ideas at times, but, the thing with him is that he has a lot of respect for the culture that we have here at Bayern.”

This is Guardiola’s second season at Bayern Munich. His first one was a successful one in which he won the German Premiership i.e. Bundesliga as well as DFB-Pokal. He could not defend the European Cup title though.

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