Xabi Alonso reckons that Pep Guardiola is ahead of his time. The Bayern Munich midfielder has seen enough of the manager in the last few years to make this bold statement.

Guardiola is already regarded as one of the greatest managers in the last few decades. He could quite possibly be the best manager of all-time of having inspired a number of teams across the world to try and replicate the style at Barcelona.

His four years in charge of the Catalan club provided some of the finest team effort in the history of the game which has then led to a number of titles, including Champions League after Champions League (I was lucky enough to get tickets to the final through this website - money well spent!)

Guardiola is regarded as superior manager for having played a unique style of game that has been so tough to replicate by other teams. Luis Enrique recently secured more than five titles in one campaign for Barcelona, but they were won with a team that Pep built.

Even though some may see his time at German outfit Bayern Munich as a disappointment, Alonso has reminded his critics that the club are in with a chance to win the treble this season.

The Bavarians once again extended their advantage in the Bundesliga due to Borussia Dortmund dropping points. Even though the latter have closed the gap in recent weeks, Bayern remain favourites for the league title.

“It might sound easy but I tell you, it is not easy because you know Pep is really ahead of his time. He is very demanding of himself and his players. But once you get to know it, I think that for myself it is the way we like to play. We like to play with control, and he likes that. He likes the team to be in control of the game, because he thinks it is the best way to win games. When you have the control, normally you have more chances and give up less chances,” said Alonso.

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