Jackett Still Interested IN Wood

Kenny Jackett, the man in charge at Wolverhampton Wanderers, has said that the talks are still going on between him and the Leicester City management regarding the New Zealand forward Chris Wood.
Wood, who had joined Leicester just the previous season, is under contract at the King Power Stadium till the summer of 2016.
Jackett is not sure though if he would be able to seal the Wood deal before his team’s next match.
Talking to the reporters about Wood’s possible signing, the Wolves boss said, “We are trying to negotiate terms. Let’s see if we reach any conclusion.”
“If we are done with it before this weekend, it’s great, but, my strategies for the Rotherham game are based on the players that I have currently. If there is an addition, it would only benefit us.”
In the Wolves’ last match against Northampton, Jackett had started with a number of non-regular players.
When asked about that, the 52-year Old said, “I wanted to give a chance to the subs to showcase what they have got and they did show that they’re also good enough to start. As a manager, you want a bit of healthy competition in the side. That keeps every player on his toes.”
“The guys, who were asked to warm the benches, were obviously gutted as they were looking to play in a big match like that.”
The match between Wolverhampton and Northampton was a league Cup match and the Wolves lost it by 2-3.
As far as the Wolves’ outing in the 2014-15 Championship is concerned, they have played just one match so far i.e. against Norwich City last weekend. They won that game by a narrow margin of 1-0 with David Edwards finding the net for them in the 64th minute.
Now, on the upcoming Saturday, the Wolves will be up against Rotherham United

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