The year of 2014 is reaching its end and certain managers and players are taking their time to reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months, one of these figures is Pep Guardiola as the coach of Bayern Munich is well aware that everything has been going superbly well for the German coach that he is in charge of but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the next year will be the same.

"Just because we've had a good first half of the season doesn't mean the second will be the same. Every match starts nil-nil. We might lose every game. We can't just sit on our lead." Pep Guardiola told reporters as he knows that the year of 2015 is filled with even more difficult challenges then the ones he has faced so far.

Pep Guardiola continued by commenting on what have been some of his most favorites matches of the year as the Spanish coach is a huge admirer on having control of a match as he wants to see Bayern Munich taking control and having total domination of a game from start until the end and Guardiola stated as an example what some of those perfect matches have been for him. He had been surprised in some matches.

"We've had two matches that included perfect moments: last season's 3-1 win at Manchester City and the 1-1 draw in Leverkusen. The way we controlled those games is my idea of perfection." Guardiola added on. Bayern had been underdogs in the City match but still managed to pull out a convincing win away from home.

Bayern Munich are the favorites on winning the German League as they have an advantage of 11 points over their nearest opponents Wolfsburg who are located in second place but are well far behind in comparison to the team of Pep Guardiola. The Champions League is another target that Guardiola and his squad are aiming to win.

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