Football tips for the weekend

If you’re interested in football, having a bet on the action couldn’t be much easier, as the bookmakers continue to cover more markets for a larger portion of football matches taking place all over the world. Each bet is supporting another outcome that you’ve either foreseen yourself, been gifted by a friend, or picked up on a betting website, and it’s easy to imagine that the weekend will be where you focus most of your attention.

A busy fixture list in the week will arise if Champions League, Europa League or domestic cup games are being played but nothing could ever beat the pull of coming up with football tips for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the home of all major leagues, where football couldn’t be more competitive in England and throughout Europe.

You will get more out of your football tips if you:

Back your bets early
There’s nothing much better than choosing to back your bets for the weekend when you’ve finally reached Friday, but you’re often given more in returns if you place your bets as early as possible. Experienced punters will choose to get behind their football tips days before the matches are set to happen, where they’ll be given a tempting cash-out if the prices change before anyone’s even kicked a ball.

Use reasoning and research for your selections
Any bet that’s made by an expert tipster will be built on statistics, form, and other reasons which back up why it’s so likely to happen. If this isn’t the case, it becomes uncertain over why you should follow someone with the football tips they’re providing, as it won’t be a reliable source without genuine facts and figures to back up what they’re predicting.

Look into other betting markets
Most football tips surface almost exclusively on backing a team to win, but with many different options from the bookies, it’s worth considering how you could strengthen the bet that you’re making. This works in a number of ways, enhancing the price on the team you were backing to win if you change the selection to them achieving a -1 Handicap, and giving a larger priced Match Result market more chance of landing by going for the slightly under evens Double Chance market instead.

Branch out into different football leagues
As much as it’s understandable to stick to what you know, you could be missing out on some selections which could boost your overall price if you refuse to look into different leagues. Betting on English leagues, European leagues or the leagues in North and South America capture the attention of a lot of punters, but by including a favourite from a league you’re not as informed on, you’ll stand a better chance of landing your bet than you’d get from adding in another English team that you’re not confident about.

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