Jerome Boateng insists that his move to Bayern Munich has been the best decision he has made in his career. He only moved to Bayern last summer, but has already proven himself as a class act, and a star performer for the club.

Boateng recently announced that one of his best decisions for his professional career was joining Munich, before going on to say that he feels at home in Munich, and that the local mentality is just perfect for him.

These words coming from Boateng’s mouth (who is quite a thoughtful speaker) says a lot in itself. He has managed to settle in really quickly with the club, which is one of the reasons he has been so calm, composed and brilliant when he is on the field.

Bayern Munich has been very fruitful for his career too - he never got to play much when he was at Manchester City due to injury and the occasional falling-out with boss Roberto Mancini. This is in sharp contrast to his stint with Munich, where he has featured in all but five of the the matches this season. He has played in every single Bundesliga match, and when he has been rested (in the Deutsche Cup) he has been missed.

Boateng now feels that he needs to continue playing with consistency, and hopefully move from his current right-back position to centre-back, where he played as a kid. This requires more practice and experience, so that he can adapt his current technique to the different approach required for the central position.

Jerome says that he sees himself playing in the center half during the longer term of his career, as he will slowly lose the pace that makes him an attacking threat as a full-back.

However he does not want to rush into it as he is quite young as has a long way to go before his career comes to an end - with many successes yet to come hopefully. According to the champions league betting odds online, bayern are one of the favourites to win Europe's most prestigious football competition.

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