Bayern Munich will be heading back to the basics on the training ground after the shock defeat at the hands of Mainz. Bayern Munich's form in recent weeks has certainly been extremely poor and a major source of concern for the Bundesliga leaders. With the latest defeat to Mainz, they are no longer the leaders of the German League, and have fallen back into the third. Dortmund have seized the opportunity to go top of the table. It was only recently that Dortmund managed to beat Bayern Munich. Not many would have thought that Bayern Munich would have suffered yet another defeat so soon.

Even though they are doing extremely well in the Champions League, their struggles in the domestic campaign could be exploited by the clubs across Europe. They are expected to progress to the last 16 of the Champions League as the group winners ahead of Manchester City and Napoli. It seemed that the defeat against Dortmund provided Mainz with the necessary confidence to take on Bayern Munich - had it been on any other weekend, they would have been intimidated by Bayern Munich. The recent loss, though, seemed to be playing on their minds, as they never allowed themselves to be intimidated by the power and quality of Bayern Munich.

After the defeat, Bayern Munich sporting director Nerlinger said that Bayern Munich need to return to the basics in order to start winning again. He said, "We basically have to give a lot of credit to Mainz, but obviously, after a defeat like this, we have to start by looking at ourselves. We've neglected the basics in our recent matches, and that's what we'll work to fix in the coming week."

Following the win, Mainz have moved clear of the relegation zone.

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