Bayern Munich v Gr Furth

Bayern Munich is looking hot this season. It is leading Bundesliga by a healthy margin and the club will play in the Champions League knock-out matches, so they have their sights earnestly set on breaking their trophy duck of the previous three seasons.

They finished the group matches at the top of their group, finally secured by beating BATE Borisov by a three goal margin. In fact several Bundesliga's clubs are doing well in the Champions League; Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund all finished at the head of their Champions League groups.

If you are interested in betting on this season’s Bundesliga champions, then you might be a little too late though we are only part way into the season. The reason is that some bookmakers have already called the result.

With over half the season to go it might seem a little strange that bookmakers are already paying on on bets placed on Bayern Munich to win the title. It sounds as exciting as playing on an online casino paying out on bets placed on the roulette wheel before the ball has settled in a pocket (Download here to discover their new football themed games); obviously the bookmakers concerned are keen to give their customers an early Christmas present. However, given that Bayern Munich is leading the Bundesliga by an 11 point margin, there is little chance that any other club can even get close to them so the bookmakers might well choose to take an early hit.

The current Bundesliga champions are Borussia Dortmund, and the club is now trailing Bayern Munich by 14 points. At one time last season Borussia Dortmund was trailing Bayern Munich by 8 points, but the club managed to make up the deficit and finally overtake them; however 14 points is just too many miles behind, especially when there is a 37 goal difference too.

If you are interested in betting on Bayern Munich forthcoming match against Gr Furth, then the best odds you can get on a Bayern win are around 1/10, with odds on a Gr Furth win as high as 20/1 and on a draw of 8/1.

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