Bayern Munich has to prepare for life without some of their key players

ArjenRobben is still suffering from stomach muscles which started affecting him during Bayern Munich’s match against BorussiaMönchengladbach. The Dutch winger had to be removed from this game at the 24th minute and has not returned to the pitch ever since then.

No return date for Robben has been announced as the player still has not fully recovered from this condition.

Owen Hargreaves is a former footballer who spent 7 years performing with Bayern Munich from 2000 until 2007 and the retired player who used to represent English at the international scene has suggested that the head chiefs of Bayern Munich have to start making plans for a future without having some of the clubs’ main stars including: Xabi Alonso, Philipp Lahm, ArjenRobben and Franck Ribery.

Former player of Bayern Munich, Owen Hargreaves said: ‘’Philipp and Bastian Schweinsteiger are in their early 30s, Xabi Alonso is older, ArjenRobbenand Franck Ribery are over 30, all in the midfield and wing positions.If you have big players then you have to discuss these matters - as it influences the future of the club. It is true that Lahm is contracted until 2018 as are Alonso and Bastian until 2016, but we have to make plans before it is too late.’’

Franck Ribery and ArjenRobben are the main stars of Bayern Munich, the German club fluctuates around these 2 players but Hargreaves believes that they should be looking for players who can take center stage.

Ribery is 32 years old and Robben is 31, even at this elevated age they continue making outstanding performances but the head chiefs of Bayern Munich should indeed start thinking and searching around for younger players but this won’t be a problem for the German club as they have the financial prowess needed to improve the squad without necessarily having to develop them.

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