Despite managing to progress into the semifinals of the Champions League, Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes has said that the German club are extremely sloppy in the early part of the second leg match between Juventus.

Bayern Munich were taking on Juventus in the quarter-final, and they managed to secure a 2-0 lead from the first leg. The comfortably managed to progress into the semifinals of the competition after yet another 2-0 win at Turin. Their aggregate score of 4-0 may seem extremely comfortable, but Heynckes was not entirely satisfied with the victory.

Bayern Munich have been regarded as one of the favourites for the Champions League title this season. The club has managed to reach the finals of the competition twice in the last four years. They are also one of the strongest in all areas of the pitch. Even though Juventus have been extremely good in the competition, they were no match for the Bavarian team in the first leg. A 2-0 lead seemed extremely comfortable coming into the second leg, but they managed to produce yet another good performance to win the tie 4-0 on aggregate.

However, Heynckes has said that his team were not at their best in the early part of the match, and Juventus could have easily taken advantage of it.

"It's not easy for players to be fully focused on a game after you've won the league just four days before. That appeared to be the case in the first 20 minutes when we often lost possession too easily and weren't fluent in our game going forward, but slowly we took control of the match and improved a lot in the second half. We discussed a few tactical matters at halftime. The tactical organization had to improve and that's what happened in the second half," said Heynckes.

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